16-Inch MacBook Pro Users Reporting ‘Popping’ Sound from Speakers

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A number of 16-inch MacBook Pro owners are reporting of ‘popping’ or clicking sound from the speakers of their new machine. This is an issue that has also been found in previous MacBooks.

Some users claim that the issue is found even on the display units of the 16-inch MacBook Pro at Apple’s retail stores. There’s no word on how widespread the issue is but there are plenty of new 16-inch MacBook Pro owners complaining about it on Apple’s support forums online. The problem does not hamper the working of the MacBook Pro in any way except for causing a small annoyance. It could create issues for people who use their MacBook for audio-related work and tend to rely on the built-in speakers.

The issue pops up when one is using their new 16-inch MacBook Pro for listening to any kind of audio. When that audio is paused and one moves forward to another part and resumes playback, there’s a loud popping or clicking sound first. After this, the popping sound keeps happening every time one stops/resumes music playback.

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Apple is yet to acknowledge this issue officially, though it is unlikely that it will do so.

It is possible that this is not a hardware issue but one that’s related to macOS itself. If so, Apple could possibly get around to fixing it with a future macOS release. The company has rolled out macOS updates in the past to fix popping and clicking sound on older MacBook Pro models. In some cases though, customers were required to get their unit replaced from their nearest Apple store due to hardware issues.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a six-speaker system with force-canceling woofers. Its sound quality and loudness are notably better than previous MacBooks and other laptops.

For now, if you own a 16-inch MacBook Pro and are facing the popping sound issue, wait until Apple gets around to releasing a new macOS update.

[Via Apple Insider]

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