TeslaCam Catches Chevy Silverado Rear Ending Model 3 Inside Car Wash

The rise of dash cams and smart mobile devices has brought to light some of the weirdest incidents and accidents from roads all around the world.

One thing is certain, you can never feel safe behind the wheel and you should always watch your back, wherever you are. If you think we’re being too paranoid about this, we invite you to watch the following video captured by a TeslaCam.

If you were asked to list the most likely places your vehicle could get rear ended, the car wash would probably not be among them. That’s likely what this Model 3 owner thought, until a Chevrolet Silverado hit his car from behind in an automatic car wash.

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Fortunately, the car’s TeslaCam captured the incident. “Was a bit pressed for time before work and, even though I prefer not to use an automatic car wash, I decided to visit this one. FML. The driver of the Chevy Silverado hits my car and it was captured on TeslaCam,” the Model 3 owner wrote on the description of the video he uploaded on YouTube.

No one knows what in the world the Silverado driver was thinking or doing, but at one point we can see the truck smashing into the back of the Tesla – while the belt conveyors were moving! As you can imagine, the aftermath was not very pleasant for the Tesla owner. The trunk was smashed in and can’t be opened from the app, touchscreen or exterior button, and water from the car wash poured in and soaked his belongings.

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