Mac Pro and Pro XDR Display First Impressions, Unboxing Roundup

Apple pulled the wraps from the new Mac Pro and Pro XDR earlier this year. Today both the Mac Pro and Pro XDR are available for order on Apple’s website. Moments after release, we are seeing a deluge of first impressions by popular YouTubers like MKBHD, iJustine, others. The videos also cover the unboxing part.

MKBHD began the video by telling us that he used Mac Pro to edit all his recent videos. He also takes you through a short unboxing session. MKBHD also highlighted the new memory management system while showing how memory is stacked, afterburner card and of course the PCI slots.

[embedded content]

MKBHD further talks about how quiet the Mac Pro is. He attributes it to the three fans set up at the front and one at the power supply. Other bits like graphic cards are cooled with the air intake from three fans at the front. This also means that cheese grater design is functional. On the flip side, he points out that Mac Pro lacks filter on the air intake and dust can easily be drawn inside. Lastly, he stressed on how fast the Mac Pro is and also compared rendering speeds with previous iMac and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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iJustine had a slightly different take on Mac Pro. The first impression video focussed on accessories and also compares the old Mac Pro with the new Mac Pro whilst talking about design similarities.

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Meanwhile, Morisson raved about the new Pro Display XDR. He said that nano-coating technology is a game-changer and one needs to see it in person. Like MKBHD, he noted how quiet the Mac Pro was even during loads. What do you think of Mac Pro’s first impressions? Do you plan on buying Mac Pro/ Pro XDR Display?

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