Nissan GT-R50 Works Even Better As A Mid-Engined Supercar

Shortly after the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign was unveiled to the world in production guise, Rain Prisk has imagined how the car could look if it was mid-engined.

It has been some 12 years since the GT-R hit the market and to say it needs a successor would be an understatement. Rumors regarding the eventual R36-generation GT-R have been swirling for years but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed.

One thing that might happen is that the GT-R will no longer by front-engined and instead its powertrain will be moved to the middle, allowing it to better rival some of the industry’s leading supercars and perhaps even hypercars.

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Prisk’s creation maintains many of the same styling choices as the GT-R50 but re-molds them to fit a vehicle with its engine behind the cabin. As a result, the cabin has been pushed forward and the front-end lowered without the need to house an engine. Next, the roof has also been lowered and the sides have been overhauled with sharp new doors and huge air intakes to feed the engine. There’s even a set of eye-catching flying buttresses to accentuate the new design. Completing the modifications are a set of new wheels.

As Nissan appears to be in no rush to launch a successor to the current GT-R, it’s fair to assume that when the car does arrive, it will be radically different than the R35. Most significantly, it will likely feature a hybrid powertrain and if not, could be all-electric. Either way, it will be a weapon and we’d be very pleased if it looked something like this.

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