Here’s an Expensive Way to Get a Free 16-inch MacBook Pro

Here’s an expensive trick to get the almost maxed-out 16-inch MacBook Pro for free.

If you are looking to buy a maxed-out version of the 2019 Mac Pro, its likely that money is no bar for you. You can, however, sweeten the deal by getting a free 16-inch MacBook Pro along with your purchase.

The maxed-out Mac Pro with 28-core Intel CPU, 1.5TB RAM, 4GB RAM, and 2x Radeon Vega II GPU cost upwards of $53,000. This includes the Apple Afterburner card which makes editing multiple 8K video streams a breeze and the optional wheels for the Mac Pro chassis which cost $400. Throw in one Pro Display XDR and you are looking at a total bill of $59,746.

Now, if you buy the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR with your Apple Card, you will get 6% in cashback thanks to a promotional offer that Apple is currently running. This translates into a Daily Cash of $3,585 which is good enough to get you an almost maxed-out 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. That machine will be nowhere near as fast as the 2019 Mac Pro but it will still be decently fast, especially for a machine that’s portable.

The good thing is that once you buy the Mac Pro and get the cashback, you can buy the 16-inch MacBook Pro from B&H or Amazon which are offering better deals on the machine compared to Apple.

There’s no doubt this is a very expensive way of getting a MacBook Pro for free. In fact, in the amount you spend on the maxed-out Mac Pro, you can get over a dozen 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Do you plan on buying the 2019 Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR? If so, how much is your total cart amount coming to and what kinda changes are you making to the machine? Drop a comment and let us know!

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