You Have to Watch This Mac Pro and Pro XDR Display Unboxing Video

The 2019 Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR went on sale in the United States yesterday. Apple had seeded review units to many YouTubers who have published their first impressions about these machines. If there’s one unboxing video of the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR that you need to see, it has to be off YouTuber iJustine.

Unlike other unboxing videos of the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR, her video focuses on the unboxing part and the accompanying accessories of these two machines. Like, for example, Apple ends up protecting its logo at the rear of the Pro Display XDR with a small sticker, a small but nice touch.

Similarly, the rear of the Pro Display looks outstanding and placing the monitor on the Pro Display stand is incredibly easy as the monitor automatically guides itself in which makes the entire process seamless and hassle-free, something which even surprised iJustine.

[embedded content]

The Pro Display stand has been ridiculed for its $999 price but with the ease that it allows one to maneuver the display, the stand seems to be well worth the money.

As for the Mac Pro, even the box that it comes in has been thoughtfully designed by Apple. It has two velcro handles on its sides allowing one to easily pick up the machine. Apple also bundles a black Magic Keyboard and mouse with the Mac Pro which is different from the space gray/silver variant it bundles with the iMac Pro.

iJustine even takes the top off the Mac Pro and gives us a look at just how beautiful the machine looks from inside. The machine’s internal design gives a clear idea of its modular nature and just how meticulously everything has been arranged. The Mac Pro looks beautiful not just from the outside but also from the inside. Apple has also marked all the MPX modules inside the machine which should make upgrading the machine easier for non-tech savvy users.

iJustine compared the design of the 2019 Mac Pro with the old 2010 Mac Pro in the video as well. What’s surprising is just how well the design of the latter has aged as its internal design still looks solid for a machine so old.

You might not need a Mac Pro for your workflow, but if you love Apple products, make sure to watch iJustine’s unboxing video of the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR.

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