Apple Is Allegedly Offering Least Expensive EEC RAM in the Mac Pro

After a gap of several years, Apple finally launched a new Mac Pro. The latest from Apple arrives with class-leading specs and several customization features. The Mac Pro is expensive and is being criticized by some. Now Snazzy Labs founder, Quinn Nelson has revealed that the new Mac Pro uses the cheapest EEC RAM from Micron.

Nelson has taken a loot at the part number on the memory chips. The number is available on Apple’s upgrade kit. Interestingly the number matched a chip on Micron’s database. Furthermore, he also checked the CAS latency and it too matched with the cheapest memory chip on the Microns database. CAS latency is an indicator of how many clock cycles the RAM module will take. The lesser, the better.

It seems like the 64GB RAM can be bought on Amazon for close to about $300. Apple is offering the same at a 4x premium while the price shoots to $1200. In other words, Apple seems to be earning close to $900 profit on a RAM.

Our Take

I have been reading several posts blaming Apple for inflating the price. The Mac Pro seems to be getting hate from many quarters due to its high base price. We need to understand that products like Mac Pro are meant for professionals. Typically, such customers are seeking quality performance and price might be the least of their concerns.

Lastly, it is not fair to compute prices of each component and blame Apple for taking profits. It is obvious that Apple has other expenses, most of which are intangible in nature.

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