Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype Is Real And It’s Coming To Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda Access, the carmaker’s accessories division, has announced the lineup for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon (January 10-12) and it’s safe to say purists are in for a treat.

That’s because the stand will include two vehicles that hold a special place in the hearts of Honda enthusiasts worldwide: the S2000 roadster and the first-generation Civic Type R (GF-EK9).

Celebrating two decades since the launch of legendary roadster in 1999, the Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype features custom parts that reflect customer feedback. Those include a new front bumper with a bigger and more menacing grille, smoked headlights, as well as black windshield frame, mirrors and alloys.

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From the only photo released by Honda, we can also spot a pair of red bucket seats. The carmaker also says the S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype features a revised suspension and a new lid for the audio system. Honda does not mention whether performance upgrades are also on the menu. While more information and photos will follow in January, the parts will probably become available to S2000 customers given that Prototype-badged Hondas almost always reach production.

The second main exhibit is the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020 and it’s based on the first-generation Civic Type R (GF-EK9). The custom project represents a modern reinterpretation of the original according to what young people like in a car nowadays. While the Civic Type R retains its familiar hatchback silhouette, it gains a beefier body kit featuring an aggressive front bumper, modernized headlights with “eyelids,” oversized aero-style wheels, and a sizable roof spoiler at the rear.

Besides the S2000 and Civic, Honda’s Tokyo Auto Salon stand will also include a concept based on the Step WGN minivan called Kachatto-Wagon. Labeled a “Multipurpose Slope Vehicle,” the MPV combines a flexible interior layout with a flat floor that allows it to carry a bicycle, a wheelchair or other similar items. Finally, the Aibou is Honda’s first children’s car and it features “exciting new moves” despite looking like a bathtub on wheels covered in a transparent plastic bubble.

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