This 2001 Peugeot 406 Taxi Movie Replica Will Set You Back $3,500

Remember the movie ‘Taxi’ from 1998? It was written by Luc Besson and starred a white Peugeot 406 as a Marseille-based taxi, driven by an unwilling crime-fighting racer of sorts, named Daniel.

The movie ended up spawning multiple sequels, to the point where the car was eventually replaced by the Peugeot 407 sedan. The latest installment (Taxi 5) actually came out last year, however it wasn’t written by Besson.

Now that the backstory is out of the way, we’re curious to know how you feel about owning a replica of the original Peugeot 406 Marseilles taxi, from the movie Taxi 2. The car is currently on sale in Russia, and the asking price is 220 000 ₽ – or roughly $3,500.

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The ad was posted to Avito at the end of last month, and details a car that is almost 19 years old, with 283,000 km (175,800 miles) on its 116 HP 1.8-liter (1,749 cc) gasoline engine. Features include power steering, ABS, ESP, front electric windows, heated mirrors and quite a few mods, not including the body kit.

According to the seller, there is some maintenance work to be done inside, but any such issues might be offset by the car’s quirks, such as the fact that when the alarm goes off, it plays music from the movie instead of regular alarm noises. Of course, prospective buyers will mostly care about the appearance and whether or not it’s a good enough replica of the movie car.

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This scene is from the first Taxi movie released in 1998

To that we say yes. It features the same front bumper, roof mods, rear wing and wheel design as the ‘Taxi 2’ car – the one in the first ‘Taxi’ movie was a bit simpler. To be fair though, the wheels are a smaller here than in the movie.

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