This Is What A Ford Mustang Mach-E Coupe Could Look Like

Shortly after it was revealed that Ford is open to the idea of an all-electric Mustang coupe to join the Mach-E, a series of renderings depicting such a very car have been published.

These renderings, created by the Mach-E Club, morph together key design elements of the four-door Mach-E with the familiar shape of the Ford Mustang fastback that we all know and love. The result is surprisingly nice.

Two different front fascias have been designed for the all-electric sports car. The first fascia lacks a traditional grille, just like the four-door Mach-E, and instead features a faux grille surround to provide it with a more traditional ‘face’ like most ICE-vehicles.

The second fascia includes a full-size grille like the regular Mustang but due to the vehicle’s electric powertrain, it wouldn’t be used for cooling and is simply there for aesthetics. Found at the front of both models are sharp LED headlights like the four-door Mach-E.

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At the rear, the Mach-E’s taillights have been morphed onto the fascia of a normal two-door Mustang. The presence of electric motors also means there’s no need for tailpipes so they’ve been removed.

Quizzed about the possibility of an electric Ford Mustang coupe becoming a reality, Ford’s president of automotive Joe Hinrichs told CNBC at the Los Angeles Auto Show such a car won’t happen “in the near future, but probably someday.”

If such a car does become a reality, Ford could put to good use some of the lessons it’s learned with the 900 hp Mustang Lithium EV project car built with supplier Webasto and unveiled at last month’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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