Street Artist Does A McLaren 720S; Sadly, Monopoly Money Won’t Get You One

Tuning company 1016 Industries recently joined forces with renowned street artist Alec Monopoly to create an eye-catching McLaren 720S at the Art Basel event in Miami.

The mid-engined British supercar was handed over to Monopoly painted in a shade of white and, before long, the artist got to work transforming the exterior with his spray cans. One of our favorite aspects of the car is the top hatted Monopoly man holding two bags of cash on the driver’s side door. There are also dollar signs across much of the exterior and a Richie Rich figure on the passenger side.

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It remains to be seen if the artist spray-painted on the McLaren’s paint itself or if he simply painted over a clear wrap covering the car’s exterior. We hope the latter is what happened – if not, selling this unique 720S could be a bit of a challenge down the road.

Look beyond the graffiti and you’ll notice there are a number of other parts distinguishing this 720S from most others. For starters, it is sitting on a set of stunning purple wheels. Additionally, it has been adorned with various carbon fiber parts from 1016 Industries, including a new hood, front splitter, side skirts, fenders, wing mirror caps, rear wing, and a new carbon rear diffuser. These new parts aren’t over-the-top and give the supercar a sporty yet refined look.

“The opportunity to work with an artist of Alec Monopoly’s caliber developing a truly unique piece of art that highlights our new 1016 Industries McLaren 720S is a real honor,” 1016 Industries chief executive Peter Northrop said. “Monopoly’s work is nothing short of iconic, and we’re extremely pleased to work with him on this very special car.”

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