Tim Cook Was so Impressed with Nebia Showerhead Prototype at Local Gym That He Decided to Invest in Them

It is not often that Apple’s head honcho invests in startups. Sure, Apple does buy smaller startups, but Tim Cook rarely does it in a personal capacity. However, a shower at a local gym in Silicon Valley impressed Tim so much so that he invested in the company.

Philip Winter is the mind behind Nebia shower which uses less water and despite that keeps people warm. Apparently, Philip moved to Silicon Valley in a bid to popularize his idea and scale it up further. He convinced Silicon Valley gyms to install the showerheads as a trial. Philip would patiently wait outside the locker room and ask the gym-goers for feedback. As luck would have it, Tim Cook worked out in the same gym and was impressed by the idea.

Tim Cook was excited about Nebia especially after considering the lack of innovation in the area. Philip then asked Tim if he would invest in the company, the later agreed. Apple CEO is said to have backed Nebia five years ago and has also partaken in subsequent funding rounds. At this point in time, Nebia has raised $8 million and Cook’s share accounts for a significant chunk. That being said, Nebia co-founder has refrained from revealing the exact number.

Nebia shower is aesthetically pleasing and uses a combination of materials including aluminum. It is worth noting that Cook has invested in his personal capacity and Apple has nothing to do with the same. As expected, Cook is helping Nebia by advising on how to go about suppliers and to focus on experience, design, and sustainability. Interestingly, the former CEO of Google is also backing Nebia.

Nebia started by offering a $499 shower system. Now the company has launched a much affordable shower system that costs $199. Furthermore, Nebia has partnered with companies like Moen.

[via Bloomberg]

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