Walter Röhrl Discusses Porsche’s Top 5 Rally Cars

Few names are as synonymous with rallying quite like Walter Röhrl so it’s only fitting that for the latest episode of ‘Top 5’ from the German brand, it is Röhrl that discusses the five finest rally cars built by Porsche.

The fifth car on the list is the Paris-Dakar Porsche 953 that was driven to victory in the Paris-Dakar rally of 1954. The rally 953 also holds a special place in Porsche history as it was the first 911 with all-wheel drive.

Fourth on the list is a car that you may not be familiar with, dubbed the Transsyberia Cayenne S. In 2007, this rally-prepped SUV drove between Moscow and Mongolia on a 4,400-mile journey that really put it and its road-going Cayenne GTS engine to the test.

The 2008 Porsche Transsyberia Cayenne S

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Named as the third greatest Porsche rally car by Röhrl is the 924 Carrera GTS driven by the man himself during the 1981 German Rally Championship.

In second place we have the Porsche 911 SC Safari, perhaps the best-known rally car from Porsche and originally raced in the East African Safari Rally.

Rounding out the list and named the finest of all Porsche rally cars is the 996-generation 911 GT3 that’s enjoyed a huge amount of racing success in recent years while piloted by husband and wife team Ruben and Petra Zeltner. Röhrl is particularly amazed at how the couple have stayed together while racing, claiming the one time he competed alongside his wife “almost ended in divorce.”

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