Colorado Dealership Crashes Customer’s Supercharged Ford Mustang During Test Drive

A newly-purchased Ford Mustang has been crashed by a dealership employee from Loveland Ford in Colorado shortly after being outfitted with a supercharger.

The Drive reports that the owner of the Mustang GT, Mark Grage, purchased the pony car from the dealership and eager to have even more power under his right foot, reached out to the dealer to install a factory Ford Performance Roush supercharger. The car had just 266 miles (428 km) on the clock at the time.

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Unfortunately, Grage never had the chance to drive his newly-supercharged Mustang GT as a technician crashed the muscle car while performing a routine test drive after the modifications were made. According to dealership general manager Harry Johnston, the technician lost control on U.S. 287 in Larimer County and was cited by police for careless driving. He has also lost his job at the dealership.

2/13/20To set the record straight, I DID NOT GET A FREE CAR OUT OF THIS, I AM PAYING FOR MY SHELBY. I just found out…

Posted by Mark Grage on Monday, February 10, 2020

Images of the wrecked Mustang reveal that its front end suffered significant damage and is clearly unrepairable.

Johnston says the dealership worked with their insurance to pay off the customer’s damaged car over the following month.

“We made the customer whole, paid off his loan, and all incidental expenses that would have had anything to do with that car and the fact that it was wrecked,” Johnston said. “He actually walked out of the store with plus money as opposed to what he [had invested in] the car, and he bought another new car from us.”

That new car purchased by Grage is a 2016 Ford Mustang modified by Shelby that the dealership recently received as a trade-in.

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