Microsoft’s Windows 10X Runs Surprisingly Well on a MacBook

Microsoft recently released Windows 10X emulator meant for dual-screen devices. The emulator will help developers test their apps on Windows 10X. It is not even a week since the Windows 10X emulator was released and already some have managed to install it on MacBook.

Despite being designed to run on devices with multiple screens, Windows 10X seems to run quite well on MacBook. This is perhaps due to the fact that the Windows 10X emulator considers MacBook as a single display and runs apps by splitting the screen into two. As expected the driver support is not great and most likely you will end up with features that don’t function well.

One of the developers has also managed to put together a guide that describes how you can install Windows 10X on different hardware. However, you need to be well versed in PowerShell commands and other advanced aspects like hard drive partitioning. So if you dont mind tinkering with your device then feel free to install Windows 10X.

Yet another developer has put up a short video that shows Windows 10X running rather well on a MacBook. That being said, Mac is powered by an Intel processor which already supports Windows via BootCamp. Furthermore, the developer also claims that “it is actually very smooth” while referring to Windows 10X running on MacBook.

Microsoft seems to be prepping a series of dual-screen devices. Typically, emulators are released beforehand so that developers have enough time to test their apps for the new dual screen devices. In general Microsoft’s Windows 10X is still work in progress. The company needs to iron out several bugs and fine tune the operating system for general use.

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