Lamborghini Huracan With A GM-Sourced Twin-Turbo LS V8 Is A Truly Wild Build

The Lamborghini Huracan leaves the factory with a glorious 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine but this example from YouTube channel ‘B is for Build’ is unlike any other on earth.

This Huracan was purchased some eight months ago as little more than a shell that had been badly damaged in a fire. Replacing the V10 of a Lamborghini could be considered sacrilegious, but because the car was purchased without a functional engine and was just sitting at a scrap yard, we can’t blame the owner for going down a different path.

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Sitting in place of the V10 is an LS V8 engine that’s been outfitted with a pair of turbochargers. That’s not all as the all-wheel drive system has been ditched in favor of rear-wheel drive while the dual-clutch seven-speed transmission is gone and in its place sits a manual transmission.

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While the build is ongoing, it was recently strapped onto the dyno for the very first time and put to the test. During the first few dyno runs, the car was producing roughly 700 hp and upwards of 800 lb-ft (1084 Nm) of torque before the whole ECU started to cut out just ahead of 5,000 rpm mark. With that issue resolved, power rose to 800 hp and 795 lb-ft (1,077 Nm) before a fuel issue started to rear its head, forcing the team to stop with the dyno runs and to look for ways to make the engine run seamlessly.

The team has set an ambitious goal of reaching 1,500 hp.

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