See How The Tesla Model Y Stacks Up Against The Model 3

The Tesla Model Y may share roughly 70 per cent of its parts with the Model 3 but this animated gif created by Reddit user gundarx reveals the two vehicles differ in size quite a lot.

As Tesla itself hasn’t shared any side-by-side images of the Model 3 and Model Y detailing exactly how the two differ in size, the gif is scaled based on the common parts shared by the two. Consequently, it could be a little inaccurate although you can get a reasonable idea of how the two vehicles stack up.

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The most obvious difference between the Model 3 and the Model Y is that the latter has a much taller roofline. This promises to have a dramatic impact on the interior space of the all-electric SUV and will help it to accommodate two available (albeit small) seats in the optional third-row. It’s not just the roof and side windows that have been enlarged. Tesla has lifted the entire shoulder line of the Model Y compared to the Model 3 by a few inches.

Interestingly, it appears as though the Tesla Model Y could be shorter than the Model 3 due to small front and rear overhangs. Tesla’s odd decision to not yet reveal dimensions of the Model Y some 11 months after its unveiling makes it impossible to be sure, however.

Tesla recently confirmed that production of the Model Y has started at its Fremont, California factory and that the first deliveries will be made by March 2020. Unless Tesla decides to share dimensions of the car in the coming weeks, it seems as though buyers won’t know just how big the Model Y is until they take delivery.

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