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There’s nothing quite like owning your favorite movies so you can watch them anytime you like. Just the other day, I mentioned you can get the entire Back to the Future trilogy for just $17 on Amazon, which is barely more expensive than renting each of the movies once. Today I’ve got more movie goodness for you: Vudu is running a weekend flash sale and offering a, shall we say, eclectic collection of movies for $5 each. These aren’t rental prices — you can get the highest resolution version of each film for $5.

You can choose from among 15 movies, including:

…and a handful of others. Check out the Flash Sale page for the whole list. I probably don’t even need to tell you that this is a great price, since the standard 4K UHD purchase price at Amazon is $15 for most of these titles.

Since this is a weekend flash sale, don’t expect these deals to last beyond, you know, the weekend. Personally, I know what I’ll be watching tonight, and it rhymes with Specific Vim.

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