Tesla Eyeing New Cybertruck Factory, Musk Wants It In Central USA

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed the company is scouting locations to build an all-new gigafactory in the United States.

The executive didn’t go into specifics, but said the plant will be located in the center of the country and build the Cybertruck as well as the Model Y.

The selection process appears to be in the early stages, but a number of state officials have replied to Musk’s tweet asking for a meeting. Among them were Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Arkansas Congressman Rick Crawford and Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Sean Kouplen.

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The President of the Joplin [Missouri] Area Chamber of Commerce, Toby Teeter, was more direct as he replied to Musk by saying “I’m authorized to give you 100 acres in biz park at crossroads of I-44 and I-49 at the center of the USA, the historic home of battery tech, with four of the largest trucking companies in the world near here.” On top of that, Teeter promised more than $50 (£38.7 / €44.3) million in incentives.

Of course, incentives are probably the reason behind Musk’s tweet in the first place. It’s beneficial for companies to get states and cities to come with incentive packages and have to increase their bids to beat out competing locations.

The best example of this is Amazon which kicked off their search for a second headquarters, known as HQ2, in 2017. The company received hundreds of offers and 20 cities were eventually shortlisted in 2018. HQ2 was slated to be split between New York City and Northern Virginia, but the New York plan was scrapped following fierce opposition.

While Amazon’s plan famously backfired, there’s little doubt that cities and states will be lining up to promise Tesla millions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives.

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