Take Cover, The Ford Mustang Mach-e Is An Electric Drift Machine On Stilts

While going sideways has become a synonym with the Mustang nameplate over the years, albeit often for all the wrong reasons, that’s not something you’d typically associate with a mid-size, electric crossover, even if it carries the same iconic moniker. Yet, here we are.

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Even before it lands in the hands of regular Joes, the Blue Oval’s foray into dedicated electric models has been criticized for trying too much to pass as a Mustang, when it’s a battery-powered with available AWD. However, Ford insists that the Mach-e is actually as engaging to drive as its name implies.

To prove their point, Ford flew several journos to their frozen test center in North America, to let them experience it on a couple of improvised courses. As for the star of the show, it was actually a prototype, hence why the journalist from Roadshow had to call shotgun.

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Still, the automaker claims that they tried to replicate a real-world scenario, so they even fitted it with partially-warn Michelin all-season tires, and the car was in standard mode. What happens next is more than obvious, as at a gentle pull of the wheel and harder push of the throttle, the back end sticks out and the Mustang Mach-e becomes a graceful ballerina.

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You could keep it sideways for as much as you want, apparently, and you don’t need the 459 HP GT model to do so, as this one was equipped with the regular powertrain that uses two electric motors for a total output of 333 HP and 417 lb-ft (565 Nm) of torque.

So, do we have a new Cars and Coffee ‘champ’? Let’s hope not.

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