You Can Turn Your BMW Z3 Into An AC Cobra Lookalike For Under $4k (But You Probably Shouldn’t)

The AC Cobra is one of the most iconic sports cars ever built and also happens to be one of the most frequently re-produced vehicles on earth with replicas far easier to find than genuine examples. But there are replicas and then there are replicas like this transformation package that’s currently up for sale on eBay in Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

The listing in question isn’t actually for a specific AC Cobra replica and instead a kit designed to fit onto a BMW Z3. A host of images show various Z3-based Cobra doppelgangers.

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The kit itself includes a 1 piece front body/hood section, a lower rear body piece, 2 front wing/sill panels, a double-skinned trunk lid, and one set of support/fitting panels. Converting a Z3 into a Cobra replica doesn’t look terribly difficult, but then again, we’re not the ones planning to do the work.

The seller claims that there’s “no cutting of the Z3 bodyshell”. Supposedly, all owners of the BMW roadster need to do is remove most of the standard body panels and replace them with the Cobra parts – something that always sounds a lot easier said than done.

A company by the name of Classic Coachworks is behind the conversion kit and is selling them for £2,950 ($3,765). Should Z3 owners not have the time, patience, skill or necessary tools to complete the conversion, the company can fit the aftermarket parts. The new panels are made from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

As the Cobra conversion consists solely of a bodykit, no mechanical modifications are necessary. This also means any Z3 can also be easily converted back to stock if owners grow tired of the retro muscle car design or want to sell their cars.

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