Is The New Model Y The Best All-Around Tesla You Can Buy Right Now?

Tesla has just recently begun deliveries for its brand new Model Y crossover, a car that for some reason has not been as eagerly anticipated as the Model 3 or even the Model X.

Of course, that might have something to do with the way it looks, as some people view it as a taller, more bloated Model 3. However, given today’s trends, opting for a crossover as opposed to a sedan makes a lot more sense, especially if you’ve got a family.

This particular Model Y being reviewed here by Doug DeMuro is the Performance with the Performance Upgrade package (not confusing at all), meaning it’s far from entry-level.

Watch: Check Out How Fast The Tesla Model Y Performance Does 0-60 MPH And 1/4 Mile

However, it’s very unlikely that most buyers will want to defeat the purpose of owning such a car by getting the flagship variant as opposed to something like the Long Range Dual Motor AWD model, which starts from $52,990.

A true entry-level Model Y isn’t scheduled to arrive until next year, but when it does, it will cost as little as $39,000, while providing you with a maximum range of 230 miles (370 km).

So what did DeMuro think of his test car? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was tremendously impressed, claiming that once the Model Y gets a third row of seats, it will become “the best all-round Tesla in existence.”

Even so, there will always be those who favor styling over practicality, which at this point still means buying a Model S, since it’s arguably the best-looking car Tesla currently has to offer.

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