Need Some “Brown Sugar” In Your Life? SEMA Chevrolet C30 V8 Camper Is Worth Six-Figures

An extensively modified 1983 Chevrolet C30 Camper is currently up for sale on eBay and at the time of writing, had attracted a highest bid of $100,099 with 2 days left in the auction.

This particular C30 Camper was built by River City Rods for the SEMA Show last year and is lovingly known as ‘Brown Sugar.’ Power is provided by a 5.3-liter V8 engine mated to a four-speed transmission and while no power and torque figures have been shared, there’s no doubt it has significantly more grunt than stock.

Beneath the bodywork, comprehensive upgrades have been made to the camper’s chassis. There is also air ride suspension that can be adjusted so low that the front cross-member actually touches the ground, perfect for showing off at a car event but not so ideal for going on a camping trip. Custom suspension and steering components from a company called GSI are also present.

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The exterior of the C30 is eye-catching with the listing claiming that it was one of the most photographed vehicles of SEMA. The retro brown paint applied across the body and the camper section itself looks gorgeous and is contrasted nicely by shades of yellow, gold, red, yellow, and orange.

Inside, pretty much everything is bespoke. For example, there’s a sink crafted from a vintage Coca Cola cooler, a custom-fabricated ice chest, a toilet, a comfortable sleeping area, wooden floors, and whiskey barrels converted to house to massive subwoofers. There’s even a large fridge and a couple of security cameras.

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