Morgan Builds A Handful Of Its Last Ladder Chassis Plus 4 Before Shutting Down Over Coronavirus

Despite being forced to close down shop in the UK for a period of one month because of the coronavirus pandemic, Morgan still managed to build a few of its last ladder-chassis based Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition models at the Pickersleigh Road plant.

The new limited edition cars will be built alongside the all-new, BMW-powered Plus Four model, and all 20 of them have already been allocated to customers who paid the £60,995 ($73,000) asking price.

Each of the anniversary models will be individually numbered, featuring a custom plaque. Other novelties include the Platinum Metallic paint, embroidered headrests and more.

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The Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition will be the last Morgan to be built on the carmaker’s traditional steel frame chassis, a version which has been in production since the Morgan 4-4 was first introduced back in 1936. The Plus 4 nameplate however made its debut in 1950.

The company’s in-house design team also gave these anniversary models satin dark grey wire wheels, a motorsport-inspired front valance, exterior black pack, plus exclusive leather for the interior. The latter houses a veneer dashboard, dark grey box weave carpets, footwell lighting, heated ‘Performance’ seats, a satin black Mota-Lita steering wheel, leather-trimmed steering cowl and door handles, a mohair hood cover and sidescreen storage bags.

“It has been fantastic to witness the first Plus 4 70th Anniversary models complete production. They represent the last steel chassis models, and we are delighted to be able to celebrate such a significant milestone in this way. It’s a poignant moment as the first CX-Generation Plus Four models are built alongside the final steel chassis Plus 4 models. We feel that both models represent the true qualities of a Morgan sports car,” said Steve Morris, Morgan chairman and CEO.

As for what it can do on the road, the engine has been re-mapped by Aero Racing, boosting output from 154 HP (156 PS) to 180 HP (182 PS), thus taking the car’s 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time down to less than seven seconds. Other performance improvements include the Aero Racing sports exhaust, finished with a ceramic-black tailpipe.

“As the design team creating the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition, our aim was to create a classic look, yet one that exudes the significance of what it represents. A mix of premium tones, high-quality materials, and exquisite details reflect the essence of the venerable Morgan Plus 4, and provide a fitting tribute to the steel chassis that has formed its backbone since it was launched in 1950,” added Jonathan Wells, Morgan head of design.

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