Brand New 1990s Alfa Romeo, Fiat And Peugeot Cars Unearthed From Abandoned Dealership

If 1990s Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Peugeot vehicles are your thing, you’d better book a flight to Argentina (if you can) because a big barn find awaits you there.

After being closed for three decades, a former Sevel dealership in Buenos Aires has been “unearthed” when the new owner of the land inspected one of the sheds on the property. Much to his surprise, he found several brand new Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Peugeot vehicles that the Ganza Sevel dealership had in stock before it shut down.

Since the land’s new owner is not a big fan of 1990s Italian and French cars, he wanted to get rid of all the cars very quickly. This is where a company called Kaskote Calcos comes in. Specializing in selling used cars, the firm was given the mission to sell the unusual car inventory.

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✔️Vamos a Pasar a Contar un Poco la Historia de Los vehículos que Ya Tenemos con nosotros.. Paso a Contar lo que nos han contado: En Principio tuvimos la Suerte que nos Contactan por Instagram ofreciéndonos el Lote de Vehículos 0km que le quedaban, a lo Cual nos Interesa e intriga mucho y accedemos… Ya una vez con esta Persona le preguntamos como era la Historia, y resumidamente nos Cuenta: Que un Conocido Había heredado unas Cuantas propiedades donde había algunos galpones dentro de esa herencia y en uno de ellos Había Toda estas Unidades de Vehículos 0km 🤤 (Fiat Uno 70s “Italiano”, Fiat Tipo, Duna, Ducato, Tempra “oro”, Alfa Romeo 33 Pininfarina,Alfa Romeo 133, Peugeot 405) Lo Cual el Heredero de Semejante Tesoro, no tenía interés de Tal, Solo Reclamo Sus Propiedades, Lo que El Manifiesta al Abrir este Galpón y ver todos los Autos allí dentro dijo: “Saquen Toda esta Mugre de acá Que Quiero vender mi Galpón” 🔥Acá Les dejo algunas Fotos de La “Mugre”🔥 ⚠️MENSIONA UN AMIGO PARA QUE LEA ESTA LINDA HISTORIA⚠️ 👑By Kaskote👑

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After washing and making sure the vehicles were in working order, the folks from Kaskote Calcos posted some photos online, likely with the intention of generating interest for them. As you can see, the collection is diverse and includes models like the Fiat Tipo, Duna, Uno, Tempra and Ducato, an Alfa Romeo 33 Sport Wagon, and a Peugeot 405.

No prices have been announced for these brand-new old cars, presumably because they are issues with the documentation, as Autoblog Argentina reports. Granted, these are far from collectibles as pretty much the entire inventory is made up of economy and mainstream cars of the era.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon looks like the most attractive vehicle of the lot so it will be interesting to learn the asking price the seller will set for it.

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Photo credits: Kaskote Calcos

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