Unique Lada Shorty Gets A Gatling Machine Gun-Inspired Exhaust



Garage 54 is responsible for some of the most intriguing DIY automotive builds on the internet and in this latest clip, is back with a rather intriguing exhaust design designed to mimic the look of a Gatling gun.

The car selected for this project was a custom Lada Shorty that the YouTube channel built quite some time ago. Originally, it had fitted the car with a dual exhaust system made out of wood (yes, wood!) but has since decided to make something that’s a little more efficient while still looking really cool.

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To create the Gatling gun inspired exhaust, the Garage 54 crew started off with a regular stainless steel tailpipe and muffler and then set about custom fabricating an attachment that affixes to the end that resembles a Gatling gun. Cutting and painting the unique gun design looks to have been quite a complex process, inevitably made more difficult by the fact that the exhaust needed to be functional rather than just aesthetic.

When the car is running and revved, the gun head starts to spin around freely just like a real-life minigun. If you were to drive behind this unique Lada, you could be forgiven for getting quite a fright when the tailpipe starts spinning, thinking the James Bond-style exhaust could start firing off bullets towards you.

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