Honda Museum Shows Us What A Pristine 1990 NSX Is Like

If you’re a fan of Honda, then you’ll absolutely love the Honda Collection Hall on the grounds of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Japan.

The museum houses the finest vehicles produced by the Japanese manufacturer and one of them is this lovely first-generation NSX that looks just as good as it would have when it rolled out of the factory all those years ago.

We don’t really have any details available about this particular NSX, other than what we can see in the video. It has probably been babied for most of its life. Heck, it looks so pristine that it probably hasn’t seen the outside world all that often.

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For starters, there is the gorgeous red paint that looks to have been very well maintained. Then there is the engine. Honda clearly keeps all of the vehicles at its museum in tip-top shape and the engine is beautifully clean and purrs away nicely. It’s a similar story in the cabin, although some of the leather parts are looking a little crinkled but that’s just the nature of having leather, particularly black leather, in a car.

When the first-generation NSX hit the market in 1990, it shook up the sports car market, showing the Ferrari 348 a thing or two. Power came in the form of a 3.0-liter naturally-aspirated V6 VTEC engine which, depending on the market, produced around 270 hp and 210 lb-ft (285 Nm) of torque. Mated to a manual transmission driving the rear wheels, the NSX was an absolute thrill to drive back in the day and remains as entertaining as ever.

And now that we’ve rattled your engines, before you hit ebay and Autotrader in hope that some old lady is accepting any offer to get rid of her late husband’s sports car that’s been sitting for years in her garage, take a look at Honda Collection Hall’s 2002 NSX-R from an older video and drooooooool…

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