Orange Honda NSX Type S Is One Of Just 209 Ever Made



If you’re a fan of Japanese cars, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the Honda NSX and the flagship NSX-R/Type R variants. However, did you know that a Honda NSX Type S was also available?

Sold exclusively in Japan between 1997 and 2001, the NSX Type S was designed to be slightly sportier than the regular model without being quite as hardcore as the Type R. Among its unique features was a titanium shift knob, MOMO Zagato-style steering wheel, a lightweight rear spoiler and BBS lightweight aluminum wheels.

A number of weight-reducing features were carried from the NSX-R through to the Type S, including a single-pane rear glass, Recaro carbon-kevlar Alcantara/leather seats, a mesh design engine cover, lightweight battery, and manual rack and pinion steering. The car also featured stiffer front dampers and a thicker rear sway bar.

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A recent video posted online by the Honda Collection Hall in Japan shows a gorgeous NSX Type S in all of its glory in the grounds outside the museum. While we don’t know the full history of this car, it has clearly been well cared for and runs very smoothly. Complementing the gorgeous orange paintwork is black leather throughout the interior as well as a host of orange accents on the seats and door panels.

The Honda NSX Type S is a seriously rare thing. In fact, it is reported that just 209 examples were built between 1997 and 2001, so it will likely prove to be a hugely desirable collector’s car in the decades to come.

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