Dropbox Password Manager, File Vault and Automatic Backup Now Available for iPhone and Mac Users

Dropbox has announced that three beta features, including Password Manager, File Vault, and Automatic Backup are now available for the public. Dropbox’s password manager allows users to store sensitive files. The beta features will now be available for all users globally; however, the Password Manager and secure Vault are available only for select Dropbox subscription plans.

Dropbox Password Manager

Dropbox Password Manager works in the same way as LastPass or 1Pass. The feature lets you create and store passwords for all online services in one place. You will be required to use Dropbox account credentials to store and access your passwords across multiple devices. Furthermore, Dropbox Password Manager uses zero-knowledge encryption, which means no-one, including Dropbox, can access your passwords.

Dropbox Vault

Dropbox Vault is a safe and secure place to store all your sensitive documents. The company claims Vault offers “an extra layer of security” for all your important files and personal documents. Moreover, you can allow your family or friends to access important documents, including medical records, in case of an emergency.

Automatic Computer Backup

Automatic Computer Backup feature will automatically backup all your files from Mac to the Dropbox. The backup includes files from Desktop, Downloads, and Documents. Every time you create a new file or modify an existing one, the same will be updated on Dropbox. Moreover, you will be able to access all the data on your Mac on any other device, including an iPhone. That said, the backup will be counted against your Dropbox storage quota.

Dropbox had announced new beta features in June. Apart from the features mentioned above, Dropbox had announced new features, including Dropbox Family, New workflow, and App Center.

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