Turn The Toyota GR Yaris Into A Proper Rally Car With This Bodykit



The Toyota GR Yaris is one of the most exciting hot hatches in recent memory and, to our eyes, also one of the most fearsome to look at. Nevertheless, a widebody kit has already been designed for the rally-inspired supermini.

This kit comes from Pandem / Rocket Bunny and transforms the GR Yaris into something that looks like a proper WRC or rallycross car for the street. If the hot Yaris proves to be as popular as we expect it to be, we wouldn’t be shocked to see many owners looking to modify the already potent performance hatch.

This bodykit starts at the front end where the grille has been removed, allowing the intercooler to be put on a show. The car is also rocking an extended front splitter and new aerodynamic canards. As we’ve come to expect from other Pandem / Rocket Bunny kits, this one is also rocking flared front and rear wheel arches that transform the overall look of the car and provide it with even more road presence.

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Moreover, this Yaris sports extended side skirts and aftermarket wheels. As for the rear, it has a towering rear wing stretching out from the sides of the window. Also featured are large air vents and a bespoke diffuser.

For now, these are only renderings, but they will soon become a reality. However, given that the GR Yaris has been designed as a driver’s car, we can’t help but wonder if the ultra low ride height and aero modifications might impact its handling.

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