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The PlayStation five finally has a price release date and preorder information and I got all your details right here. Sony hosted its newest and hopefully the last live stream offering up final details for the rollout of the PlayStation five. I’m not gonna waste your time. So here’s what you need to know. Number one, the price. The flagship PlayStation five will set you back $499 that’s the one with the disk drive and if you want to go without discs, the PlayStation 5 digital edition isn’t extremely attractive. 399 bucks. Unlike the new xboxes Sony did not announce any monthly installment pricing plans for their consoles. So you’ll be shelling out full price if you want to buy PS five to watch. Both PlayStation will launch in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on November 12. If you’re anywhere outside of that, it’ll be November 19. Except China, Sony noted in a very fine print that a lunch date there would be announced at a later date, three pre orders. There was a distinct lack of pre order information in the live stream, which now seems absolutely insane because Sony sent out a tweet right after it was over letting everyone know the PS five would be available to preorder September 17. One single day, after the stream broadcast. Sorry, actually pre orders are officially now live. They are not going live on the 17th. Walmart opened the floodgates first and a multitude of retailers soon followed. So if you wanna PlayStation 5, I suggest. You get on it four the games. We saw a lot of the same stuff Sony announced in its previous live stream with some additional gameplay so Spider Man miles mirallas, def loop Demon Souls, Resident Evil eight and so on. But there were a handful of new titles Square Enix announced final Fantasy 16, and the very excellent God of War reboot is getting a Ragnarok sequels sometime in 2021. Give me five launch titles. No but seriously five launch titles, in a blog post we got official word from Sony about the five first party games that would be available on launch day. Those are Spider Man miles Mirallas Sackboy a big adventure destruction All Stars Astros playroom and demons soul. It is worth mentioning there is a price uptick for a couple of them Demon Souls destruction all stars and the ultimate edition of spider man Miles Morales all have an MSRP of $70 instead of the traditional $60 that we’ve seen for so long. Hmm, that could mean triple A games are going to see a permanent $10 price bump. Especially console exclusives. And finally, a small bonus. Sony also announced a little incentive if you will, to pick up a ps5. If you get a new console and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, a PlayStation Plus collection filled with massive games from the ps4 era. Will be available for you to play on launch day without additional charge. We’re talking triple A titles here like Uncharted four,Bloodborne, Final Fantasy 15 ,Fallout four days gone and a whole lot more. It’s a nice little bit extra if you didn’t catch any of those games on the ps4 and you wanna check them out while you wait for games like horizon for bit and less to watch. So that’s it. That’s everything you need to know about the ps5. Are you free ordering Are you waiting for more information? Are you gonna stick with Xbox? Are you gonna just play on PC? Drop it all down in the comments. I’m dying to know what you’re gonna do and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our comparison between next gen consoles be good humans.

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