F430 Designer Loves Ferrari’s Roma, Would Still Change A Thing Or Two

The Ferrari Roma’s styling has been a popular discussion topic among automotive enthusiasts ever since’s Maranello’s “entry-level” gran turismo debuted in late 2019.

Many people like it because it brings a welcome change in Ferrari’s design direction, while others find it too generic and a bit soft for a car that sports the Prancing Horse logo.

Former Ferrari designer Frank Stephenson is part of the former group and, in a recent video he posted, says he loves the Roma’s looks. According to him, the Roma strikes you as a Ferrari from the first moment you lay eyes on it and that’s a pretty big deal in the current automotive landscape where so many cars are lacking in brand identity.

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Does the Roma look better with the yellow ‘Ferrari Scudetto’ on the front fenders?

He praises Ferrari’s designers for the car’s clean, elegant lines and monolithic appearance, as well as its crisp details. Still, that’s not to say there’s nothing he would change on the Roma. For example, he doesn’t like the absence of the yellow Ferrari shields typically featured on the front fenders of most models from Maranello.

While Ferrari designers probably did that to preserve the coupe’s clean looks and pay tribute to the classic 250 GT Lusso, Stephenson likes the car better with the shields on. Another change he’d make is paint the grille black, titanium grey or anthracite because Ferrari grilles have seldom been in body color over the years.

As for the interior, Stephenson finds it a bit too digital for a Ferrari, as cars from Maranello have always been renowned for their analog controls. Other than that, the designer of the Ferrari F430 and FXX absolutely loves the Roma and the grade he gives it illustrates that.

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