Nissan Still Undecided On The Direction The R36 GT-R Will Take

Nissan has admitted that it still doesn’t know what direction it will take with the next-generation GT-R.

Following the recent unveiling of the Z Proto, many were left to wonder how the Japanese automaker plans to spark life back into its flagship performance car, the GT-R. While speaking with the media during the Z Proto’s unveiling, Nissan senior vice-president of global product planning Ivan Espinosa said the company is (still…) open to many options for the R36.

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“At this moment, it’s very open, many things can happen, we are exploring different things and we will come back to you guys when we are ready to tell you what we have chosen with the next GT-R,” Espinosa told Cars Guide.

“What will be the goal of the next GT-R is to again be a very credible performance machine, the way the current GT-R is even after some years on the market, it’s still very credible, super-fast, super great car to drive and we will remain true to that.”

For many years it has been claimed that the GT-R will morph into a hybrid for the R36 generation. Asked directly if this will be the case, Espinosa said the powertrain will depend on the maturity of hybrid technologies when it is launched.

“It’s all about understanding ‘what do you want to deliver to the customer?’, and then the solution,” he said. “There are plenty of options, and the maturity of that technology is the other thing [to consider]. We need to cope with the pace of the maturity of the technology, customer expectation and the experience we want to create.”

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