Tesla Model 3 Embarrassingly Fails Autonomous Braking Test During Safety Demonstration In China

Autonomous emergency braking systems have become commonplace across the automotive industry nowadays and, in theory, are potential life-savers. In practice, though, they don’t always work as intended.

Over the years, various tests of autonomous emergency braking systems have been conducted and vehicles from a number of different brands have failed miserably. We can now add Tesla to that list.

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During a recent safety demonstration in China, a white Tesla Model 3 was shown slamming into a pedestrian dummy in a test of its AEB system. The electric sedan failed to notice the dummy and slammed directly into it. In another video, a red Model 3 is shown ramming into a dummy walking through a pedestrian crossing.

Watching the low-resolution second video on replay indicates that the Model 3 did recognize an object in front of it, as evidenced by an area of red shown on the central screen. However, by the time the car noticed the dummy, it was too late. Had this been a real person, the result could have been deadly.

During a similar range of tests in the U.S. from the AAA last year, it was revealed that “all test vehicles failed to significantly mitigate the impact speed on a consistent basis” when evaluated at 30 mph (48 km/h). Jalopnik notes the report added that “on average, all evaluated pedestrian detection systems were significantly challenged and struggled to consistently mitigate or prevent collisions with pedestrian targets…”

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