GM Designers’ Pickup Trucks Of The Future Look Ready To Bite Your Head Off

When it comes to creating a new pickup truck, designers typically have less creative freedom because, let’s face it, these utilitarian vehicles have changed very little over decades.

The Tesla Cybertruck might be a great counterexample, but let’s not forget that the EV maker is yet to bring the unusual pickup to the market. Moreover, the transition to all-electric powertrains is likely to have a significant impact on the design of pickup trucks.

Startups in particular seem more adventurous in this respect than established manufacturers, who adopt a more traditional approach. Mind you, GM Design would probably disagree with that, seeing the daring pickup sketches it has posted on its Instagram. Two of the CGIs portray GMC trucks, while the third appears to envision a Cadillac.

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Let’s begin with the most in-your-face design authored by Joe Boniface, a member of GMC’s Strategic Advanced Design team. The rendering explores what a future GMC Sierra 3500HD Dually in Denali trim could look like. Seeing this truck in your rearview mirror is a frightening prospect, as the massive grille appears ready to suck everything in its path.

Also contributing to the aggressive appearance are the LED lights integrated into the grille, the gaping lower grille, and the “pointy” front rims. While we’re aware design sketches typically exaggerate some features, we wonder how’s the visibility like in a truck where the windshield and side windows are noticeably narrower than the huge front end.

The second GMC sketch shows a more futuristic model that also sports an overly aggressive look. Penned by Karan Moorjani, an exterior designer for GMC’s autonomous and electric vehicle division, this truck starts from a clean slate. While the first concept has several things in common with existing GMC trucks, this one seems to come from nowhere but looks capable to go anywhere.

Finally, we have a truck sketch from Cadillac exterior designer Andrew McMillan that could envision an all-electric model given the closed-off grille. This is the most sensible of these illustrations and the one that actually features brand-specific cues.

Now, in case you’re wondering about the next-generation of GM trucks, you should know these are merely exercises and do not preview production models.

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