GAC Enpulse All-Electric Roadster Concept Will Get Your Pulse Racing

As with most big Chinese automakers, he Guangzhou-based GAC Group seeks to become a leading international brand.

To show what it’s capable of, the company has unveiled the striking Enpulse concept vehicle at the Beijing Auto Show as the company’s vision of a future zero-emissions sports car. Developed using GAC’s electric modular platform, the Enpulse study is said to be production feasible, though the company did not say if or when it will be made.

The sports car concept is a visual expression of the automaker’s ‘Vector Energy’ design language first shown in 2019 by the GAC ENO.146 concept.

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Sized similarly to a 2021 Toyota Supra, it has a dynamic shape that combines contoured surfaces with crisp edges. Its most notable features are the front end design that mimics the profile of an aerofoil, signum laser arc headlights, ascending waistline, and linear light blade at the rear which dives into the diffusers echoing Formula 1 brake lights.

Other interesting details are the NACA-duct shaped vented rear deck which houses the retractable transparent hard-top, F1-inspired side mirrors, and active aerodynamics. Access to the cabin is provided by the electronically activated Sky Doors that open upwards. The GAC Enpulse features a simple and pure interior layout enabling passengers to see the structure and inner workings of the car.

Highlights include the three-spoke steering wheel with high-tech digital screens, minimalist dashboard, racing-inspired seats featuring two different materials, and iridescent light tubular structures. The concept also features a wide front screen with advanced navigation, head-up display, and Eco-friendly interaction capabilities. There’s even a new feature called Virtual Battle which uses augmented reality tech to allow the driver to race on a physical track against virtual opponents.

“Competitors can be seen in the HUD and rearview mirror providing a realistic experience while minimizing the dangers of physical interaction,” said Matthew Coburn, Chief Creative UIUX, GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles. Furthermore, the on-board facing cameras work in tandem with the exterior camera to create mini-movies and can be used to refine driving skills, analyze the driver’s performance on the track or simply record scenic road drives.

The only details revealed about the all-electric powertrain is that it features dual electric motors powered by a high energy density NCM lithium-ion battery.

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