DIY: Turn Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Into A Pickup For Less Than $2.5K



Anyone who owns a second-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee can have their SUV converted into a pickup truck if they so wish.

This pickup conversion comes from Smyth Performance, a small company we have discussed previously with other pickup conversions. The kit costs $2,490, but its price will increase to $3,490 when the first batch of 50 is sold.

The man behind Smyth Performance, Mark Smith, takes a regular four-door Grand Cherokee and turns it into a two-door pickup. He then installs an all-aluminum bed that uses unibody bracing and custom fiberglass panels. Each kit also includes a Ford Ranger tailgate and a third taillight and rear window from a Chevrolet Colorado, while the bed is an impressive 5.6-feet long and 5-feet wide.

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“The WJ platform was chosen over other Jeep models because it is the last of the live-axle Grand Cherokee models,” Smith said of the kit. “The comfort, ride, and off-road capability when combined with the straight-six or the 4.7-liter V8 engine made it one of my favorites.”

As Mopar Insiders notes, it is possible to find used Jeep Grand Cherokee models for less than $2,000, meaning you could buy one and convert it into a pickup for less than $5,000. Of course, the cost of the kit doesn’t actually including any labor and that will be left up to individual customers.

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