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Apple introduced the iPhone 12 Mini at its Tuesday event.

Apple; screenshot by CNET.

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At a virtual event Tuesday, Apple unveiled four models in its iPhone 12 lineup, including the iPhone 12 Mini, a new member of its flagship iPhone family that’s smaller and less expensive than its siblings. The Mini screen measures 5.4 inches, with a price starting at $699 (£699, AU$1,199). The regular iPhone 12, meanwhile, features a 6.1-inch display and costs $100 more, starting at $799. Preorders for the iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 Pro) have already begun, with the Pro Max and Mini going on presale Nov. 6.

The Mini is a new variant in the growing iPhone product line, which in the last few years has added the Pro and Max monikers to better differentiate the options. Apple has been steadily expanding its core iPhone franchise to address a wider variety of consumers, from the enthusiast with loads of disposable income to someone looking for a more budget-friendly choice. 

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The iPhone 12 Mini could prove to be a popular option during the coronavirus pandemic, a time when millions of Americans are out of work and the uncertain economy has fewer people willing to spend nearly $1,000 on a new phone. 

Though this is a first for the iPhone line, Apple has previously used the Mini name for its iPad Mini, Mac Mini and iPod Mini (when standalone MP3 players were still a thing). 

The likely appeal of the iPhone 12 Mini will be its compact size — though it’s not quite as small as the iPhone SE (2020), which measures 4.7 inches — and the fact that the device still manages to pack in much of the functionality of its bigger iPhone 12 siblings. 

The $100 savings could make it a hit among value-oriented consumers, who can get much of the same functionality of a new iPhone 12, including 5G, an OLED display and a faster processor, without the hefty price tag. What’s more, the compact size is a design that slips easily into your pocket. 

Still, the iPhone 12 Mini doesn’t have everything some of the bigger and more expensive new iPhones offer. Those wanting a bigger device with advanced features, such as an improved telephoto camera, a larger sensor for better low-light performance, and new abilities to fuse multiple frames into one shot, will go for the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone Pro Max, also announced on Tuesday.

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But the iPhone 12 Mini’s size, price tag and features, put it in direct competition with other value-friendly smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G

Preorders for the iPhone 12 Mini begin on Friday, Nov. 6, with a release date of Nov. 13.

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