Audi Driver Attempts To Pass Flatbed Truck… It Doesn’t Go Well

An impatient Audi driver had a pretty serious accident, and it was all caught on video.

As you can see, a flatbed truck was traveling slowly, so the Audi driver decided to overtake. This normally wouldn’t be a problem; however, the car accidentally hit the truck and this sent it flying into the air.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds: the passenger side of the A3 made contract with the truck’s rear wheel and this caused it to effectively drive up the side of the vehicle and go airborne.

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The accident appears to have happened at relatively low speeds, but the forces were enough that the Audi continued rolling and eventually flipped right-side up after hitting a Honda Civic.

While all of this was happening, a pedestrian was causally walking down the sidewalk. Thankfully, he turned his head around and managed to run to safety.

The video ends shortly after the crash, but you can see the driver moving around inside – hopefully unhurt. While there’s no word on their condition, a number of people came to check on them.

Interestingly, a Redditor noticed the same car had been reported as having a bad driver. In a post from 2019, a person claimed the driver of the Audi was “driving dangerous, undercutting, overtaking, driving up my rear and many others.” A user also uploaded pictures showing the aftermath of the crash, where you can see the front end is damaged, while the windshield and roof are smashed.

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