This Unique iPhone Gadget Won’t be Found on Prime Day

One of the best, most unique iPhone accessories couldn’t be found on Prime Day this year. But don’t worry, the High Definition Monocular Telescope — a powerful and portable telescope that hooks right up to your smartphone — is available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. It’s on sale for $46.99, 14% off the usual MSRP of $54.

The High Definition Monocular Telescope gives you 50×60 magnification, while still maintaining picture-perfect image quality. See someone’s face clearly from 1,000 meters away, or check out the number on a building from a 2,000 to 3,000 meter distance.  And since its lightweight and super portable, it can tag along on any adventure — whether you’re camping, bird watching, fishing, traveling or at a concert. It works solo, or can hook up to your smartphone to take stellar pictures and videos.

This iPhone accessory can’t be found on Prime Day, but it is available for a steal in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. Grab it today for $46.99.

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