GMC Hummer EV Sketches Show What Could Have Been

Reviving an iconic model, such as the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender, is a difficult challenge but it’s presumably even harder when you have to resurrect a brand.

That was the challenge faced by designers of the GMC Hummer EV. Since the brand was phased out a decade ago, the electric pickup not only needed to look like a Hummer but also generate excitement about the brand’s return.

While it wasn’t easy, the team did an admirable job as the Hummer EV has been widely praised. However, the model wasn’t created overnight and GM Design has provided a glimpse at the truck’s development.

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As you can see in these sketches and photos uploaded to Instagram, there were a variety of proposals for the truck’s design. Some are edgy and angular, while others adopt softer curves and a more futuristic design.

Two really stand out and are an interesting take on the pickup. The first shows a hardcore model with a fold-down windshield, removable doors and no B-pillar. The truck also features an illuminated grille as well as what we presume is a removable roof.

The second is far edgier and features a prominent grille that is flanked by slender headlights. The model also has an aggressive bumper, pronounced fenders and a slender greenhouse.

The interior renderings are fairly close to what is seen on the production-intent model as they all show a free-standing digital instrument cluster and a ‘floating’ infotainment system. However, there some with a rectangular steering wheel and a sliding center console.

Putting the sketches aside, the GMC Hummer EV will be launched late next year in an Edition 1 trim that costs $112,595. The model sold out in approximately 10 minutes and will have a tri-motor electric powertrain that produces approximately 1,000 hp (746 kW / 1,014 PS).

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