A 1976 Datsun 280Z With Just 350 Miles That Sat In A Barn For 44 Years Gets Its First Wash

The Datsun 280Z is a certified Japanese classic and expert detailer Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC was recently tasked with restoring one stored in a barn since new to its former glory.

This example has a rather interesting history. According to the current owner, the man who first purchased the 280Z drove it home from Philadelphia and soon noticed there was a small dent on the front fender. The dealership offered to use putty and repaint the fender to repair it, but the owner insisted on getting a new fender. The dealership ultimately agreed, so he removed the original front fender while waiting for the new one to be delivered.

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Screenshot Ammo NYC @ YouTube

At the same time, he decided to remove the original AM/FM radio and replace it with a Pioneer cassette player. With much of the interior stripped out, he encountered some money issues and stopped working on the car. As its current owner describes, it has never been driven since.

As the car was covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust, Kosilla pulled out a special foaming lubricant and sprayed it across the exterior. He then used thick microfiber towels to wipe off most of the grime. From there, he used a steam machine to test the strength of the seals and, once confident that the seals were in good condition, pulled out a pressure washer to give the car a thorough rinse. He then set about buffing out the paint to return it to its original condition and also detailed the interior and the engine bay.

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