Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Tries To Show Off, Pulls A Mustang Instead

Give an overly- confident driver a vehicle with heaps of power and rear-wheel drive and chances are that something will go wrong. That’s exactly what happened recently with the driver of this Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Details about this incident, such as when and where it happened, remains unclear. Nevertheless, it proves what anyone with some common sense would be able to tell you: driving a car with 707 hp like the Challenger Hellcat requires some finesse of your right foot, to put it simply.

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As the driver of the black Hellcat accelerates down the road, they light up the rear tires and as the muscle car gently fishtails to the right, the driver appears to overcorrect. This sends the Hellcat to the left and, unable to maintain and control the slide, the driver jumps on the brakes. From there, they are simply a passenger as the car slides over a median, narrowly avoiding a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Rather than stopping to assess the damage caused to the car, the driver instead pins the throttle and accelerates away from the scene. Unfortunately for them, police witnessed the whole thing and can be seen quickly chasing after the Dodge.

This clip was shared to Reddit earlier this month and drew obvious comparisons to Ford Mustang drivers who are particularly prone to crashing. At least, unlike most Ford Mustang crashes, this out-of-control Hellcat didn’t try to mow down a crowd of onlookers…

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