Clifford the Big Red Dog movie teaser reveals terrifying first look at Clifford – CNET

There are big dogs, and there are BIG dogs. On Wednesday, Paramount Pictures released a brief teaser featuring the biggest dog of all: Clifford the Big Red Dog, star of the studio’s live-action movie adaptation of the beloved children’s book. Paramount also invited readers to share photos of their own pups, and some folks did — others, though, debated whether the Clifford shown in the teaser was a fair representation of the famous pooch.

“Hol up,” wrote one Twitter user. “Is he CGI or y’all just paint a dog red without his consent?”

“How you gonna get a dog’s consent?” replied another member of the Twitterati. “Bark if you want to be painted!”

Some social-media users were disturbed by shots of the filming, which showed a giant dog costume that kind of looked like a red dinosaur skeleton.

And others just didn’t think a Clifford movie was necessary, or simply had fun playing a bit of human bites dog.

“I already don’t like it,” wrote one social-media user. “How Clifford is portrayed in the books and in the tv series, he should almost be the size of Godzilla.”

However Clifford ends up looking, he has plenty of canine fans out there.

Clifford The Big Red Dog is scheduled to be released on Nov. 5, 2021.

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