Bronco Buyers Get $300 Worth Of FordPass Rewards Points To Make Up For Production Delay

You may have heard by now that Bronco production has been delayed as a result of pandemic-related production shortages. Well, if you put your money down for one, Ford wants to say sorry and is offering $100 to thank you for your patience.

Well, we should really say a $100 value, because the money comes in the form of FordPass Rewards Points and is in addition to $200 already being offered to Bronco buyers.

The FordPass Rewards Point apology was found in a letter sent to Bronco buyers that was discovered by Torquenews. It outlines how every buyer is signed up to FordPass and earns 42,000 points upon receiving their vehicles.

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That’s what all Bronco buyers get, though. The ones who have been waiting for their Bronco will get another 20,000 points. That’s worth an extra $100, according to Ford, making the full 62,000 points worth $300.

What can you buy with FordPass Rewards Points? Well, you can use the points towards service, maintenance and accessories, of which there are a lot of for the Bronco. The program is still pretty young, though, and Ford said in the letter that it would be revealing more about it as deliveries of the Bronco start.

Production of the Bronco is now set to start in the summer – and rumors suggest that that means some deliveries on models that have already been ordered could, due to the delay, be pushed back into 2022, although nothing is official yet.

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