Leaked iPhone 4S Prototype Video Shows Internal Version of iOS 5

iPhone 4S prototype

A video has surfaced on YouTube giving us a look at the prototype of Apple’s iPhone 4S, and the test build version of iOS 5.

Apple runs its iPhones through three major stages before the device makes it to the market. These stages include the EVT (Engineering Validation Test), which is followed by DVT (design validation test), and then the device finally enters PVT (production validation test). A new video published by Apple Demo on YouTube shows us the iPhone 4S during the ‘design validation’ stage, which suggests that the device we see in the video is close to the final design Apple released.

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The iPhone 4S shown in the video is running the SwitchBoard version of iOS. iOS SwitchBoard is an internal application built by Apple for its employees. It’s a gateway to test all the functionality of the phone, for retail use, for service center use as well as corporate use. The video shows the phone going through various tests, including WiFi and display tests.

This particular iPhone, the video explains, was used to check the baseband crash. Baseband is a firmware that phones use to connect to the cellular network. The video shows the phone crashing the baseband, and then checking if the data is still readable. The narrator says that the iPhone shown in the video would have been sent to the recycling facility to be demolished, but somehow got into the wild.

Many iPhone prototypes have leaked in the past. Last night, iPhone 12 Pro prototype leaked, showing a darker version of the Pacific Blue color Apple could’ve opted for, and the SpringBoard version of iOS 14.1. There have been leaks of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, too.

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