Apple Car to Feature Eye-Tracking Technology, C1 Processor

apple car c1

Analyst Colin Barnden has given some insights on what features we could expect from Apple Car. The features include an Apple C1 processor, in-cabin eye-tracking technology, and more.

It’s no secret that Apple is working on the Apple Car. There are rumors that Apple is in talks with Hyundai to manufacture the long-rumored Apple Car. Apple also considered to invest, or rather acquire, in the electric car company Canoo in 2020. Now, an extensive report has been published by EETimes, which offers some insights on what features we could expect from Apple Car.

The analyst believes Apple Car, or as he calls it ‘iCar’, could feature an automotive-grade processor which he calls ‘Apple C1.’ He says that Apple could turn to Samsung or TSMC for the processor. TSMC is believed to be working on a 7nm-node process-based chip for cars, and Samsung already has an Exynos Auto V9 SoC for automotive.

The report then goes on to highlight that Apple might go with a modified version of its A12 Bionic chip, found on iPhone XR.

I’m certain Apple would make some tweaks, changes and additions to keep us all guessing, but if the iCar is to enter production in 2024, then a lightly modified variant of the A12 looks like a great starting point for the C1.

For a comparison between Tesla’s SoC for cars, and Apple C1, Tesla’s self-driving chip has 6 billion transistors and a power consumption of 36W. While the A12 Bionic has approximately 7 billion transistors and boasts a power consumption of only 3.5W.

The report then goes on to say that Apple could implement “a plethora of in-cabin AI features” in the iCar. These features include driver eye-gaze tracking technology. This technology will “measure driver workload based on real-time observations of eye movement and glance patterns.” Colin believes that Apple would combine in-cabin AI and large, complex, displays to make the car more appealing to customers.

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