Apple TV+ Free Trial Extended Again, Now Free Until July 2021

Apple has reportedly again extended the free trial of its Apple TV+ subscription, now until the month of July this year.

Apple has again renewed the free Apple TV+ subscription for customers who made a purchase in or after September 2019. These subscriptions were set to expire in November last year, i.e., one year after purchasing the device. But, Apple extended those free subscriptions to February this year. Now, Apple has again extended the subscription to July this year.

This means that customers, who initially were set to take the advantage of this deal for a year, have now received over 9 months of extra service. This comes after the TV streaming service from Apple failed to take off. Apple plans to keep a set of users binged to its platform by offering them it for free. Apple has been building its content catalog over the course of two years, though there was some hindrance due to COVID-19.

Apple says that it will notify all the eligible customers via email in the next couple of weeks. Any customer who was charged $4.99 today will see store credit for the February to June period, offsetting the cost of their subscription.

Apple is reportedly developing AR content for Apple TV+ next year. The service also streams some shows for free on its service.

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[Via 9to5Mac]

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