Jeep Grand Cherokee Was Drifting In The Snow – And Then It All Went Downhill

Ever watched a video of someone drifting around in the snow and thought you could do the same? Well, if that’s the case, this clip may provide you with an important reality check: it’s not as easy as it may seem.

We recently stumbled upon this video of Reddit and it shows just how difficult it can be to keep a vehicle under control when trying to slide it along snow and ice-covered roads.

The video opens up by showing a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a BMW 1-Series powersliding around an open-wide carpark clad in a thin dusting of snow. Initially, the driver of the Jeep seems to have quite good control of the SUV, but when threading together a drift, carries too much speed into a drift to the right and slides towards the edge of the parking lot.

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Unfortunately for the driver of the Jeep, there weren’t any barriers and the SUV ended up sliding down an embankment and presumably, crashing into a row of trees that are visible.

As the Jeep’s unplanned off-road adventure occurred at relatively slow speed, we hope that no one suffered any injuries. However, pulling the Jeep up the embankment and back onto the parking lot was likely a challenge, due in no small part to how little traction any vehicle trying to recover it would get on the slippery surface.

Drifting in the snow from r/IdiotsInCars

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