Water Crossing Is More Of A Jeep Thing, Not A Jaguar F-Pace Thing

Driving through deep puddles brings with it all kinds of risks, as this video featuring a Jaguar F-Pace proves.

This clip was filmed earlier this week in Nottinghamshare, UK and shows the driver of a black F-Pace quickly approaching a large water puddle in the town. The driver either thought the water wasn’t as deep as it actually was or believed that by carrying enough speed, he would be able to get through. Either way, he misjudged things massively.

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The moment the F-Pace dives into the puddle, it’s obvious that things aren’t going to go well. The driver pushes on, generating a big wave and splashing water over the hood and across the windshield. As they approach the other side of the crossing, the SUV suddenly grinds to a halt.

After appearing to wait for a few seconds, the driver is able to start the car up once again – which, after something like that, is definitely not advised. Unsurprisingly, the engine sounds very unhealthy when pulling out of the water. According to the video description, the incident caused the engine to hydrolock and for the Jaguar to be written off.

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